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Mar 7, 2016

In today's world where deployments to production are very frequent, continuous integration and testing code become more important than ever. 

In this show, we talk to Steve Jones (Blog | Twitter), the editor of about how to do it.

Among other topics, we talk to Steve about:

  • His work at SQLServerCentral and his favorite parts over the years
  • What he's looking for in SQL Server 2016
  • What is continuous integration and how it can be done with SQL Server
  • How to test your database code before it gets to production
  • Data Quality Services and Master Data Services

Items mentioned in the show:

About Steve

Steve has been working with SQL Server since 1991, when he became the accidental DBA for a SQL Server v4.2 system running on OS/2 1.3.
Since that time Steve has worked with all versions of SQL Server at various jobs.

In 2001, Steve founded with Brian Knight, Andy Warren, and three other partners that were bought out the next year. In 2002, Steve left his job with Peoplesoft to manage SQLServerCentral full time as editor, publisher, and writer. Andy, Brian, and Steve continued to manage and grow SQLServerCentral until 2007 when it was sold to Red Gate Software along with Database Weekly (then Database Daily). At that time Steve went to work for Red Gate and has continued his work with SQLServerCentral and Red Gate since that time.

Steve regularly speaks at SQL Saturday and other technical events on career and technical topics, and enjoys meeting and interacting with the SQL Server community. If you are interested in inviting him come speak at your event, please feel free to contact him through email, Twitter, or Facebook. You can also get the text of his keynote talks.

Steve was first awarded the Microsoft MVP award in 2008 and has been renewed 3 times for his many contributions to the community. Steve holds an MCSE from NT 4.0, an MSITPro in SQL Server, and numerous other MCP certifications in SQL Server. He also has an undergraduate degree from the University of Virginia in Economics.