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May 24, 2015

On this show, we host Niko Neugebauer, a.k.a “Mr Columnstore”!.

On this very fun conversation, we talk to Niko about his various roles and activities, about the improvements Microsoft is making version after version, about SQL Server 2016, and of course, about Columnstore.

Among other topics, we cover:

  • What people need to know about Columnstore
  • How to use Columnstore the right way
  • Columnstore and In-Memory OLTP improvements in SQL Server 2016


About Niko

Niko Neugebauer is a Software Designer, living in Portugal.

In the recent years he’s being fascinated by data (big and small) and its analysis.

Niko also likes to write about Clustered Columnstore Indexes and SQL Server.

Niko founded and leads the Portuguese SQL Server User Group , and he’s the head of the organization committee for the SQLSaturday events in Portugal.

He works as a BI Consultant for OH22, where he creates intelligent solutions for Business with a focus on Data Quality.

Niko presents on the topics of Microsoft Data Platform around the world at SQLSaturdays, SQLBits, PASS Summit, User Groups and local events such as Microsoft BI Conference in Portugal.

He loves the human-computer interaction, and adores design, but most of all – he enjoys making technology to make life easier, and people more connected with each other.