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Apr 21, 2016

In this show, we talk to Lior King, DBA Team Manager at Intercontinental Exchange (ICE), the company who manages the New York Stock Exchange.

Lior has many years of experience working with SQL Server, Oracle, .NET, MongoDB, Cassandra, and much more. We discuss the challenges and the MANY database systems that ICE works with.

Among other topics, we talk to Lior about:

  • What happens under the hood when someone buys a stock
  • How Lior's team integrates the many data systems for providing a full solution
  • How ICE use SQL Server Replication for synchronizing data around the world
  • What Lior is looking for in SQL Server 2016

About Lior

Lior King is carrying more than 25 years of experience in the IT world.

His main expertise is database systems (SQL Server and Oracle), database programming, data access layers using .NET and NoSQL solutions (MongoDB, Cassandra and Hadoop).

He started as a developer in the army (MAMRAM graduate) then a DBA, a team leader, a software architect and consulting group manager.

He's always seeking to improve my skills as a technology professional as well as my managerial and business skills.

His specialties are SQL Server and Oracle database administration, architecture and programming, Dot Net framework programming, software infrastructure design, the Hadoop platform and NoSQL solutions.