Author: Matan Yungman

Client Stories

Download Episode (mp3) In this show, we share some client stories from recent projects: One nice thing of being a consultant Another consolidation project with a client implemented with views Performance recommendations from a client project Trivial optimization vs.Simple Parameterization Some challenges when working with MySQL  

If Clippy Found His Way to SQL Server Radio

Download Episode (mp3) In this show: The challenges of consolidation projects What is the Remote Query Harden error with Availability Groups PASS Summit precons Describe your profession in one sentence What if Clippy found his way to to SSMS? The right ways to manage open transactions

A Sign Your Wife is Married to a DBA

Download Episode (mp3) In this show, we talk about: Our sessions at the GroupBy conference Another difference between the old and new Cardinality Estimators Lightweight Profiling in SQL Server 2016 SP1 Sign Matan’s wife is married to a DBA SSDT 2017 A cool SSMS shortcut A bug with CDC after a cumulative update The overhead

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Hilbert’s Hotel

Download Episode (mp3) We’ve been travelling a lot lately, so It’s been a while, but we’re back! In this show, we talk about: Tips for SQL Server in the cloud We’re speaking at the GroupBy conference Using a Dates table for solving T-SQL problems Interesting way to explain the SQL Server security model by Kevin

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Great Productivity Tips

Download Episode (mp3) Another episode is here, and this time we talk about: Lady Gaga SQL Server is the database management system of the year Complicated issue with licensing SSMS enhancements What do you do when you can’t connect to SQL Server? How hackers connect to your database 

Don’t Run Barefoot

Download Episode (mp3) In this show, we talk about: Some announcements about our upcoming SQL trips Context_info enhancements in SQL Server 2016 Problems when restoring a database with single user mode Exctracting data from OLTP and inserting to a data warehouse @SQLServerRadio on Twitter

SQL Server 2000 Good Old Days

Download Episode (mp3) Today in the show, we talk about: Another optimization for cases where you have to use cursors How to migrate a database to a lower version Paging in various SQL Server versions And more..